About Me

–          I’m pretty well educated – I’ve got a 1st class Honours degree and a Masters in Sociology  

–          I’m a real student at heart and after all of that Sociological stuff went and did a Diploma in Advertising

–          Then I finally got a job – just for 3 years in an agency in London. It was fab I spent my time travelling the world coming up with brand strategies for loads of great brands such as Guinness and Johnnie Walker

–          Then I decided to quit and have a life adventure – and i decided to make a new career in property

–          I bought my first flat in Cambridge in 2004 and I haven’t looked back!

–          I have developed and converted loads of buildings – made some money along the way and re-invested it all in property

–          I am a pretty big landlord and own lots of properties all over the UK

–          In August 2007 I decided to open a property management agency, Gorgeous Homes, in Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffs

–          In September 2009 I started VirtualLetz.com an online matchmaking site for private landlords and tenants

–          In June 2010 I won the NLA Women in Property Awards (West Midlands)

–          And now I think the future is looking bright and rosy…

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