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I Sacked Yet Another Letting Agent and Laboured in Liverpool!

6 Aug

Today I have been labouring in Liverpool – yes really. I may not have any photos to prove it (we were all hard at work).

But suffice to say the property is looking better than when the agents gave it back to us. They have duly been sacked! 

I admit the property is dated but we have not refurbished yet because we have planning to convert to flats so until the market recovers we are letting as one BIG family house (6 double bedrooms no less!) at a greatly reduced market rent – so basically one lucky family gets to live in a very large house for very cheap rent 🙂 

Here is the property as the agents gave it back to us (if you had smellovision you would smell the dog urine which permeated the entire house and the reason why I had to rip up all the downstairs carpets). They thought it was acceptable for the tenants to leave all their rubbish there for me to clear up. Not quite. They now have the bill!

24 hours later and a lot of elbow grease – here is what we look like. And we have tenants lined up – Happy Days 🙂


Today I Sacked My Agents in Fuerteventura!

20 Jul

So this last weekend has been pretty busy – in a nutshell I have sacked the agents who were looking after our place in Fuerteventura in the Canaries, booked myself a flight out there, dragged along the most wonderful helpful friend and 3.5 days later got the place ready for holiday letting.

The most fabulous thing is that I have been advertising it for just one week and already I have a 2 week booking and the funds in place!  I have also employed a local cleaner and a maintenance person!

Here are some pics of the Canarian Place in The Sun 🙂

This is the HUGE pool which we overlook

At night they have lovely lights which change colour and have been a great hit with all who stay here!


This is the rear terrace:

The bedrooms (there are two and it sleep 4 in total)


The kitchen and lounge:

And the great thing about Fuerteventura is that they have over 2,800 hours of sunshine per year 🙂

National Landlord Association Women in Property Award 2010

8 Jul

On the 24 June there was a gathering of the country’s leading property entrepreneurs for the prestigious NLA Property Women Awards 2010. Competition was fierce but I won the coveted award for Women in Property 2010 (West Midlands)

Here I am recieving my award

This was a great night a wonderful accolade – being recognised by the industry for the work I do 🙂