Today I am in Stylist Magazine!!!

21 Jul

I would tell you I love the article/ picture – but I have no idea I have not seen it yet!! I know that I am recieving huge amounts of emails from people asking for jobs, telling me about their expertise and asking for my help. I am absolutely chuffed to inspire someone enough to even bother to email me 🙂

UPDATE: I have now recieved a link it is on page 14 & 15:

As I like to include pics – here’s the site where the photo shoot was done (this site was kindly organised for me by Peter @ Property Owl)




Today I Sacked My Agents in Fuerteventura!

20 Jul

So this last weekend has been pretty busy – in a nutshell I have sacked the agents who were looking after our place in Fuerteventura in the Canaries, booked myself a flight out there, dragged along the most wonderful helpful friend and 3.5 days later got the place ready for holiday letting.

The most fabulous thing is that I have been advertising it for just one week and already I have a 2 week booking and the funds in place!  I have also employed a local cleaner and a maintenance person!

Here are some pics of the Canarian Place in The Sun 🙂

This is the HUGE pool which we overlook

At night they have lovely lights which change colour and have been a great hit with all who stay here!


This is the rear terrace:

The bedrooms (there are two and it sleep 4 in total)


The kitchen and lounge:

And the great thing about Fuerteventura is that they have over 2,800 hours of sunshine per year 🙂

The Brixton Basement with a “vanishing” second bedroom

20 Jul

When you see a 2 bed in Brixton high street with a guide of £100k you know something’s wrong – or that they really are just keen to get you bidding…but it didn’t sell! With the reserve at £100k my curiosity was piqued and I scheduled in to see it. I knew it was under commercial premises – but it was central and so I figured I could make it work.

When I arrived I was pleased to see the residential access had a separate access from the high street to the flats (there were 3 of them in total above/ below the commercial). Then the fun began – the first room you walked into (on the ground floor) was a thin long narrow bedroom which was on the borderline of “decent” housing standards. There was damp damage but not too hard to treat.

You then walked downstairs to a quite light basement which was a lounge with kitchen and bathroom off.  All in good condition…

But then i was looking for the second bedroom!

The deeds had shown the property had 2 bedrooms but there was only 1 in this property. I went hunting and found it…behind a boarded up wall. I climbed out of the window so that I could look through the outside of the building and see what had happened…the shop had “stolen” the second bedroom and converted their back part into a flat which the bedroom was now a part of!!!!

I have circled the window in question here – i couldn’t get too close as there were people in the “stolen” bedroom!

I spoke to my solicitor to see what we could do – to be honest, I was willing to accept the situation and buy it as a one bedroom as the price was still right for the property…until it turned out – it had no planning, no building regs and no access! Oh and a freeholder who was in breach of contract!

Even if this all still sounds bad – the fact is you price in risk and you offer at a price which covers yourself. I negotiated with my solicitor what we felt the legal issues would cost to resolve – but in the end someone else decided that they would take more risk than me and offered more money!

Canning Town Repo

8 Jul

Today I saw a flat at Canning Town, it was being sold at auction and looked quite a good buy. (It was available for C.£78,000). We had a nightmare getting in as the repossession company had changed the locks so the agent couldn’t get me in first time (GRR – I had done a 120 mile round trip!).

It was quite a modern build – well about 30-40 years old:

And given the price and location I went back the next day – you can’t keep me away from a potential property bargain!

it was dated – here’s the kitchen:

And it had water damage (think it was a leak from upstairs flat and then lack of ventilation has compounded problem)

But the flat was an adequate size – here’s the lounge, bedroom and bathroom:

So I decided to put in an offer BUT somebody had just pipped me to the post an hour before!! (Double GRR)

National Landlord Association Women in Property Award 2010

8 Jul

On the 24 June there was a gathering of the country’s leading property entrepreneurs for the prestigious NLA Property Women Awards 2010. Competition was fierce but I won the coveted award for Women in Property 2010 (West Midlands)

Here I am recieving my award

This was a great night a wonderful accolade – being recognised by the industry for the work I do 🙂